Magic Club of Vienna

For now 126 years the MAGISCHER KLUB WIEN has been a welcome meeting point for amateur and professional magicians alike. It is a place for exchanging ideas and for the encouragement of upcoming talents and serves as an important base for magicians both in Austria and abroad.

Under the presidency of Magic Christian, who is Austria’s most successful representative in the art of Magic over the last 30 years the Club presents itself again in the spirit of its founders when it was called The Viennese School of Magic. Today it regularly enchants the spectators with its charm and skilful abilities during its “Magic Dinner shows” which are hosted in the elegant surroundings of the Kronprinz Rudolph Restaurant in Hotel Stefanie.

Today the MAGISCHER KLUB WIEN has more than 40 adult members,  2 aspirants and around 10 juveniles, who are taught the art of magic by experienced members of our special Young Magician’s Club. At the Austrian Magic Championships many first prizes in the category “Junior Magic” were garnered by our young magicians.

We wish you lots of fun and pleasure by browsing through the pages of the MAGISCHER KLUB WIEN to further your interest in magic.