100 years of MKW:

The special jubilee show on behalf of the 100 anniversary of the Magic Club of Vienna was a great success in 2008.

In front of a nearly sold out theatre the Club presented  his International Magic Show. The audience was excited and baffeled.

For all as a surprise  the Star Illusionist Siegfried of the world wide well known magic Duo  Siegfried & Roy visited the Gala to honour the Magische Klub Wien and its president Magic Christian.

In the wonderful program following artists were presented:

Magic Christian
World Champion Manipulations
Stefan A. Rautenberg
Carpe Diem, otherwise
times flies
Robert Woitsch
The secret of the
Chinese Rings
Winfried Nischkauer
To square the circle
Hardy Werner
The Dancing Star
Fredi Moser
The clssic Die Box
Manipulationen of the time
Otto Wessely
Repeating his exam
All Illusions
Ludwig Kollenz
Classic Manipulations
Mike Alexander
On Rope only
Jerry Collins
Forgotten Arts
Vahid Khadem-Missagh
Magic Christian
Illusions with the Subconciouss
The Finale
The Chorusline Siegfried in the audience Siegfried and Magic Christian

Reception at the Mayor in the Vienna City Hall:

In the frame program all participants received a special reception at the Mayor of Vienna. Otto Wessely, the well known Austrian magician living in Paris now  receaved his membership in the Magische Klub Wien after 40 years finally. (He did not pass the test then). Nancy Keener from Las Vegas became Honorary Member and the long term Honorary President received the newly established Honorary Ring by Magic Christian who represented all members of the Club.

Sonja Kato,
on behalf of the Mayor
The admission of
Otto Wessely in the Magischen Klub Wien
The announcement of Nancy Keener as Honorary member of the Club
Magic Christian and
Frank Gordon
Presentation of the Honorary Ring of the Club for Frank Gordon The Honorary Ring
of the MKW
The participants of the Congress The amicabel atmosphere
of the reception
Magic Christian and our honorary member Reinhard Müller and wife

Internationale Lectures:

Further highlights were the four international lectures with Michael Vincent, Stefan Rautenberg, Bruno Copin and Vanni Bossi.

Michael Vincent Michael Vincent Stefan A. Rautenberg
Bruno Copin Vani Bossi Lecture guests

Close Up Show:

A Close – Up Show with members of our Club Sunday morning was a further highlight. Among the presentator the audience  saw a well done mixture of “old pros” and “talented new youngsters”, who
arose  from the Young Magian’s Club of the Magische Klub Wien. Dieter Stricker, Robert Woitsch, Florian Mayer, Hardy Werner und Magic Christian presented merry-making atmosphere. The congress ended with  a relaxed “Frühschoppen” with beer und brezel.

Dieter Stricker Robert Woitsch Florian Mayer
Hardy Werner Magic Christian The Close – Up – Team
The Convention Presents Frühschoppen with the  Master of beer-drawing Magical discussion withWittus Witt, Stefan Rautenberg, Franz Kaslatter (behind) and Magic Christian

Children Show:

The children Show Sunday afternoon was exicment and laughs pure for the smaller audience in the Volkstheater and was a well received advertisement for the Club
Prticipants: Jerry Collins and Tina, Winfried Nischkauer, Roman Otto, Fredi Moser and Magic Christian

The End

The Sunday evening at the Club hotel  Stefanie ende with a relaxing get-together-dinner for all artists and Club members and a well deserved recovery from all the long lasting preparations before.

100 Years of Magical Art – 100 years Magischer Klub Wien

Exhibition in the House of Energy (January 22nd – August 25th 2008)
After the successful exhibition of “Optical deception and illusions” three years ago the Magische Klub Wien presented again a firework of optical, acoustical and haptic illusions in its jubilee year. The opening took place January 22nd 2008 in the presence of the district mayor Renate Kaufmann. Many school classes saw the weekly magic show performaces and were guided through the exhibition by members of the Magic Club and lectures by Magic Christian effectuated  a great interest by the public. It was one of the most successful exhibitions of the “House of Energy”.

At this spot thanks to all the sponsors for this spctatcular event: WienEnergie, Naturhistorisches Museum, Fa. Piatnik-Spielkarten, Fa. Witte, Fa. Toyota-Frey, BOC-Group, Wiener Wirtschaftskammer, HDI-Versicherungen, ÖBB, Fa. Kwizda, A-Trust, Hotel Stefanie, Fritz v. Friedl, the Mayor of Vienna, Dr. Michael Häupl  and last but not least Siegfried & Roy.

Thanks also to all the Club members and people involved in the back wings of this event:
Miriam Weigel, Goswin Rose, the team of the Wiener Volkstheaters, Edition Volker Huber, the archives of the Magischen Zirkels of Germany and specially Dr. Bernd Lötsch.